Focus 2019


The fireworks of new foundations
Why are there so many new magazines? And how much room is for new things? Is there a recipe for success?

Daily newspaper

The reinvention of the daily newspaper
Content, payment, distribution - many things will be different.
And it seems to have a future.



Europe's best digital media
Who is particularly innovative? And what can we take
over for our own projects?


Special: Europe and the media

Two weeks before the elections to the European Parliament:
Where is the policy? Where is the media? And where the citizens?

Topics and Speakers 2019

A clever combination of
print and online

Kirsti Husby
Editor in chief, Adresseavisen

Which place do regional newspapers still have? "Adresseavisen" in Norway has found some answers. Details from chief editor Kirsti Husby.

Subscribers appreciate the
narrative formats

Yannick Dillinger
Digital Director, Schwäbische Zeitung

The "Schwäbische Zeitung" meanwhile measures the success of each individual article. Digital Director Yannick Dillinger explains how subscriptions are sold - and why Excel is his enemy.

Pralines for
newspaper readers

Norbert Küpper
Newspaper designer

How editors win readers today. Norbert Küpper noted eight exciting trends at the European Newspaper Award.

"Europe speaks":
Live journalism in the digital age

Maria Exner and Martin Kotynek
"Zeit Online" and "der Standard"

"Zeit Online" and "Der Standard" brought together thousands of people for personal talks in the run-up to the EU election. Needless in the digital age or more necessary than ever? What did the media do? Maria Exner ("Online Time") and Martin Kotynek ("Der Standard") present the findings of "Europe Speaks".

Quality beyond the

Michael Angele and
Nina Kolbe, "Der Freitag"

Editor-in-Chief Michael Angele and Art Director Lisa Kolbe explain how "Der Freitag" finds its place in the German media landscape as a weekly newspaper.

Segmenting, segmenting,

Sebastian Turner
Publisher, "Tagesspiegel"

As the "Tagesspiegel" in Berlin "Politics & Administration", "Medicine", "Science", "Culture" and "digitization" discovered and thus became the No. 1 in the German capital,explains publisher and Germans Media Manager of the Year Sebastian Turner.

The rediscovery of the
printed job advertisement

Michael Kretz
CEO, "Bezirksblätter"

Job advertisements seemed to be lost to the newspaper. But that is not the case. The "Bezirksblätter" in Salzburg are making increasing sales. How a local newspaper finds editorial and economic new niches, presents CEO Michael Kretz.

Online first in
the local

Uwe Vetterick und Ludwig Zeumer
"Sächsische Zeitung"

How does the digital transformation succeed in the local? Of course, without destroying the old core business and with the claim to make print better. The "Sächsische Zeitung" has started an exciting pilot project. Editor-in-chief Uwe Vetterick and reading value managing director Ludwig Zeumer explain the results so far.

TV took over the lead
in news production

Niki Fellner
editor in chief, "Österreich"

At first it was all about moving pictures for online. Now the media house "Österreich" has its own TV station, which increasingly specifies the topics for print and online. Niki Fellner explains the concept and role of CNN.

Digital transformation: a new concept
for our printed newspaper

Hans Spoelman
Head of design and general projectleader, "fd"

As the Dutch business paper “fd" has completely reinvented itself and could now become the model for many other newspapers. Details from Hans Spoelman, head of design and general projectleader of this process.

The other form of
local journalism

Magne Kydland und
Lena Herland Eide, "Sunnhordland"

6 journalists, 2 photojournalists and 3 layouters make Europe's best local newspaper: "Sunnhordland" in Norway with a daily circulation of 6,120 copies. What they do differently than the others is explained by Magne Kydland, responsible editor of "Sunnhordland" and the newspaper designer Lena Herland Eide.

The project Tobi:
From data journalism to robot journalism

Barnaby Skinner
head of data journalism, Tamedia

Which programming skills do journalists need in editorial everyday life? Aggregating, cleaning, analyzing data that can then be used for stories, infographics, interactive formats - or for robot journalism such as Tamedia's robot Tobi. More from Barnaby Skinner, head of data journalism at Tamedia.

The digital transformation
of 24sata

Boris Trupčević
Director, Styria Croatia

The prerequisite, the implementation, the impressive result and the further plans, explains Boris Trupčević, Director of Styria Croatia.

The Editorial Hub of
the BMW Group

Bill McAndrews, Leiter
Head of Group Communication, BMW Group

Digitization is causing a communicative transformation in many companies. Transparency, orchestration, agenda-setting and real-time monitoring: the new Editorial Hub is designed to control the communication of the BMW Group from now on and to play content according to the target groups. Are we all becoming media houses now? More about the project Editorial Hub by Bill McAndrews, Head of Group Communication Strategy, Group Statements, Communication Channels of the BMW Group.

How a large publishing network makes
digital journalism independent

Kerstin Laute
Partner Manager Sales, BurdaForward

The media landscape is changing - dwindling advertising revenues, data dependency and waves of termination characterize the reporting. To counteract this, BurdaForward founded the partner network Conunity 1.5 years ago, with 130 media and publishers joining forces to jointly find answers to the challenge of digital transformation in the media world and the supremacy of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. Kerstin Laute explains how the collaboration looks like and how media companies can increase their reach and revenue through the network and reduce their costs.