Digital Publishing Award

The European Digital Publishing Award is part of the European Publishers Award. It will be awarded at the European Newspaper Congress from May 12th to 14th, 2019 in Vienna, in the categories: “European Publishing Platform of the Year / Digital Publisher of the Year” and European Start-up of the Year. Awards of Excellence will also be distributed in 15 further categories. Participants can be media companies as well as their partners and service providers.
The deadline for submissions is February 8th, 2019.


European Publishing Platform of the Year /
Digital Publisher of the Year
The category awards a digital platform/brand which is successful, proper and creative in a number of ways – and the publisher behind it. Entries should include a brief description and a clear suggestion why it may become European Digital Platform of the Year. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.
European Start-up
of the Year

This category awards a digital platform or brand which was launched in the past 3 years. A brief description and a clear suggestion why the platform may become European Newcomer of the Year to your entry should be added to the submission. The jury is free to promote entries from other categories to the shortlist.

Digital Publishing

Editorial Concept
Most creative approach in terms of content and style of a digital publishing platform, no matter if stand-alone or part of a brand. Editorial principals should be described, including topics and the successful of the concept.
Business Model
Increase profits with a digital publishing platform based on a consequent strategy. How does the model works with audience and/or clients? The category is also open for business models which are not yet profitable.
User Marketing
The category "User Marketing" is open for successful methods and communication campaigns that attract an audience to the digital platform. Entries should describe the situation, the challenges and the results.
Client Marketing
Europes most successful approach to clients of all kind, if advertising, sponsoring, content syndication etc., beyond user audience. The situation, challenges and the results should be described.


Digital Storytelling
This categorie is for a outstanding story or column or bunch of those (e.g. dossier) which make best use of digital characteristic or features from an editorial point of view.
Outstanding and proper contemporary design within digital platforms of all kinds can be submitted in this category, including one or more infographics.
Creating excellent user experience according to the platform’s business model, goals and KPIs. How does the model works – and what are principles, technical features and results?
Best use of mobile design and features with special relation to usability. The category is open for mobile-only applications as well as mobile or responsive versions of desktop media.
Virtual Reality
The category awards best integration of VR into a digital publishing platform. One example per entry including screenshots should be submitted.



This category awards the most creative and successful targeting approach of a digital platform or brand in Europe. Why is targeting important for the digital platform, what is the concept behind and how does the targeting model work?

Best use of analytics in order to improve content, usability, reach or user interaction. The tools and methods involved, as well as examples of changes which have been made according to the platform’s KPIs, should be described.
Paid Content Tool

Professional solutions which makes paid content accessible – user friendly and successful for the publisher and the underlying business model. The system should be described from the user perspective and does not necessarily have to be online.
Content Management System
Best tool to put content on a digital publishing platform. More relevant than a demo version or backend account is a general description how it works and what advantages it provides for editors (testimonials may help to proof this).


User Dialogue
Optimizing interaction with a platform’s audience on the platform itself: Digital tools and features can be submitted as well as special elements of content or general policies of user interaction.
Communicating with a platform’s audience on external platforms: The Social-Media-Strategy itself should be described in the submission of this category and how it meets the defined strategy and goals.

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The European Magazine Award is open to media companies, their partners and service providers.
The deadline for submissions is February 8th, 2019.


Jochen Wegner


Zeit Online

Tilmann Aretz



Dominik Grau



Tanja Herkert

Publisher / Head of Business Development


Tobias Köhler

Head of Strategy and Innovation


Thomas Hofbauer

Head of Media / Digital

Salzburger Nachrichten

Nora Beckershaus

Chief Innovation Officer


Jan-Eric Peters

CEO / Editor-in-chief


Carsten Erdmann



Anna-Beeke Gretemeier



Daniel Torka


NPG digital

Katharina Borchert

Chief Innovation Officer


Martin Zimper

Head of Audiovisual Media

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Astrid Deilmann

Head of Digital Communication

WWF Deutschland

Florian Harms



Marc Bartl


Hege Yli Melhus Ask

Group CEO

NHST Media Group

Sebastian Vesper

Management Office Berlin

Medienfachverlag Oberauer

James Hewes

President & CEO


Nina Zimmermann

Managing Director

Burda Studios Publishing

Patrick Horton

Managing Director

Sport & Entertainment Bauer Media UK

About submissions

How much is an entry?
Entry Fee: 350 Euro per category
Late Deadline Fee: 100 Euro*
*for each entry submitted after February 8th, 2019. All prices excl. VAT.

When ist the deadline?
Deadline: February 8th, 2019, 11.59 p.m.
Late Deadline: February 15th, 2019, 11.59 p.m.

How do I apply?
Submissions must be in digital form, written in English and sent through our submission tool. Suitable finalists who pass the preliminary elimination round will be asked to send physical samples. Participants create a non-binding profile in our online submission tool. If desired, submissions for the European Magazine Award can also be entered using this profile. Submissions can be saved as drafts and edited up until submission. Only after the submission has been sent will the corresponding submission fees be charged. You can enter as many submissions as you wish in a variety of categories.

What do I need to submit?
  • Title of your entry / product name
  • Classification (describe your product in one sentence)
  • Access: If there is free access to the product, please add the URL. In case access is protected, please create a dummy account which is valid until 31-05-2019 and put in all relevant data such as links, user name, password, further information etc.
  • Responsible persons and team size
  • Budget
  • Launch-Date
  • Abstract of 1.000 characters including spaces
  • Please describe the case submitted according to the relevant aspects in the category definition (maximum 6 pages, PDF). This document will be the basis of the jury’s pre-selection. Therefore, it should contain all aspects relevant for your entry.
  • 6 Screenshots of your product
  • Picture of your submission (JPG, 300 dpi)

Process and conditions of participation
Participants can submit applications in multiple categories. The jury reserves the right to reassign submissions to different categories. Winners will be notified following the jury session in April 2019; however, external communication will not take place until after the awards ceremony at the European Newspaper Congress in May 2019. The jury’s decision is final. The jury can disqualify submissions containing formal errors and submissions with missing information without further justification. By submitting your application, you accept the electronic transmission of your data as part of the jury process and its storage in a database of selected submissions. If your submission is nominated, the short text and selection of submitted images will be published. You can mark certain pieces of information in your submission as ‘confidential’ (i.e. ‘not intended for publication’).

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